Friday, January 25, 2008

The Many Faces of Fashion

As much as we all love to hate them, models are an essential part of the fashion world. Not only do their great figures lend themselves to fashion as real-life walking hangers, most designers gather inspiration from their muses. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the muses that have had profound impacts on the fashion world during the past 2 decades :)

*Early 90s = The Glamazons*
The early 90s was probably the heyday of modeling. This was the era when top models didn't bother "getting out of bed for less than $10,000". The famous Glamazon trinity was of course Naomi, Christy, and Linda. As the name suggests, fashion was all about glamour.

*Cocaine Chic = Enter Kate Moss*
As the Glamazons aged, the new models to saturate the fashion industry were walking twigs who lived off of drugs and cigarettes. Fashion took on a grunge era and this was really when fashion and its coked out muses got disconnected from mainstream.

*Amazon Beauties*
When people finally realized looking like a druggie was not at all what fashion should be about, the Brazilian beauties began debuting their fabulously long legs in every commercial store/ad imaginable. Models were once again back in favor with the masses and unlike the glamazons who were high and mighty, the Amazon beauties tried more to connect with the everyday person. This basically translates into a gradual mixing of high-fashion and commercial fashion as top models became "just like you and me".

*The Doll with the Piercing Eyes*

Jessica Stam seems to be the muse for just about everyone right now and with people like Lily Cole walking the runway, I believe we are now in the era of the dolls. Designers seem to be drawn to girls with a innocent "doll" face whose eyes are usually strikingly big and eerie. BTW...the infamous MJ Stam bag was created for if only I could inspire Karl Lagerfeld to make me a purse :P Oh and one more thing, dontcha just LOVE this picture?!?!


Irene said...

ie: jemma ward. that girl is EVERYWHERE....

Julia said...

i like gemma ward better too.. her eyes are so huge & she looks so innocent..