Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LV Nimbus

When I first saw this bag, way back in early 2007, my first reaction was...LV has officially and literally gone down the drain. In pictures, the Nimbus almost looks like a big wad of wet toilet paper but trust me when I say, pictures don't do this bag any justice!! I saw a lady wearing this bag at the Century City mall and was shocked to discover that this bag is actually cute. I personally love this bag in Anthracite and was super duper close to getting it but realized I didn't LOVE love this bag (I guess I still can't get over my distaste for Louis). Unlike most other LV bags, the Nimbus is made from (real) lambskin and isn't ridiculously overpriced :) A lot of people are going nuts over the Mahina (the bagsnobs have a great little number on it on bagsnobs.com) right now, which is cute but at $4000, I'd much rather settle for the Nimbus or a Nuti ostrich bag.

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Irene said...

hmm.... yeah, gotta see it to believe it.