Friday, January 18, 2008

Yet Another Louboutin Pump

Okay ya'll are probably sick of Louboutin pumps by now but seriously, a girl can never have too many black pumps!!! I've had great experiences with all my Louboutin pumps (minus the Rolando...but only because its slightly big on me!) and I'm dying for another pair. My options are: 1. Get another pair of the New Simple Corta pumps, this time in Pewter or 2. Get these cute Covered Platform pumps from Saks. I was on NAP last night and saw these pumps and fell in love but was extremely sad to see that they were completely sold out. So you can imagine how excited I am that they're available at Saks :) Yes I know, these are just slightly more rounded Rolandos but its these or another pair of New Simples. I need to decide quick before both sell out!! Help :(

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