Monday, January 14, 2008

Lanvin Maryjane Pumps

Yesterday DZ and I reunited for a long overdue shopping day and lookee what i picked up at BNY! My very first pair of Lanvin pumps :) Yesterday was the last day of the insane BNY in-store sale and I was lucky enough to find these in my size at about 60% off!! I personally think Lanvin shoes are overpriced so this buy was a definite steal. Love the geometric heel, the supple leather, and comfy fit. Since leather stretches with time, these shoes come slightly tighter than normal but trust me when I say they stretch with time...I tried on two pairs of size 7s in the store and the more tried-on pair felt like a normal 7 whereas these newer ones feel like a 6.5. I also love the box Lanvin shoes come in! Weird right? Not if you check out these fancy shoe boxes...comes complete with a black ribbon tie and two double sided dust more squeezing my babies into one bag! Anyhow, can't wait to wear these out...I'm thinking either my new Club Monaco dress or my new Grace Sun dress...totally different looks depending on the dress, another reason why I'm so excited about these new shoes :) Oh yea, did I mention? Libby also couldn't get enough of these shoes (no, I did not force her to pose...she was actually annoyingly attached to the Lanvins) :


Debbie said...

pictures don't do these shoes any cute!!

Stephanie said...

Wow i love the shoes.... and libby looks so cute just starring at them awwwww