Thursday, January 17, 2008

Way Too Ginormous

Okay yes, Hermes is the ultimate status symbol and a must-have for all fashionista's world-wide but really Katie, is this necessary?? We get it!! You're the real Cinderella story; married to your wacked-out prince charming, mother to a freakishly cute baby, and loaded with enough money to buy an entire Hermes store but there are other ways to go about toting this ginormous Hermes HAC. The purseblog estimates this bag at 40-50cm which really puts it in the chic travel bag section. If this picture had been taken at LAX or JFK, it would've made more sense but on the streets of NYC?? Just as a regular day-bag?? NO. Girls take note: there is indeed a limit to the oversized bag trend and this is way beyond it! I mean seriously, when is it ever necessary to carry all your belongings with you on a regular day out?? The answer? NEVER.

1 comment:

Irene said...

that is straight up LUGGAGE.