Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Barneys New York Dog Carrier

I flew home this past Saturday with Libby so that we could both enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with my parents and Rowland. Libby did exceptionally well for a first time flyer who was forced to stand in line with her Mommy for two freakin hours while stupid United tried to get us on a new flight to SF. My poor Libby was in her carrier for a total of FIVE hours!!!! When we finally got on a new flight, I had to speed walk with my Chloe and Libby across the the airport to get to the new boarding gate...my arm muscles were in pain cus I swear Libby and her carrier must've been like 10 pounds all together!!! What did this experience teach me?? Well for one, never fly United again and second, Libby needs a new carrier. Since Libby broke her pink and brown soft carrier earlier last week, I decided to play it safe and buy her one of those ugly plastic carriers. Totally inconvenient and un-fashion forward but I didn't want to risk her jumping out of her carrier during the middle of the flight. Well, now I know that while the plastic carriers will keep Libby from escaping, they are unbearably heavy, ugly, and inconvenient since you can't wear it on your shoulder. Libby needs something like this chic leather carrier from Barneys...well-made so that she can't easily break through and it'll be a hell of a lot easier to carrier her around since theres a shoulder strap. Its on sale right now...go out and pamper your pets because they love and adore you!!!

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Irene said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!!!

GET IT. its on sale too!