Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Original 3 Louboutins

As some of you may have noticed, this past week has been a slow blogging week for me. I have a MASSIVE Taiwan project at work that's taking up my usual blogging time. I'm trying to make up for it right now...can you tell??

Anywho, I found this picture in my computer and decided to do a little bit about it. I took this picture the night I came home from my BNY shoe sale high. Theres nothing like buying your first pair (or three) of Louboutins!! I remember that night, I proudly tried and re-tried all three pairs until I was tired of walking around my apartment with them on. The black Rolando sling-backs were once my ultimate dream shoes. You can imagine how excited I was when they went on sale at BNY. Too bad their so uncomfortable :P The brown suede ones in the middle are for dressier occasions but they aren't as uncomfortable as they look. I wore them to Temmy's wedding reception and danced the night away in them...perhaps all the alcohol numbed the pain or perhaps they really are just well-made shoes. And of course the black patent activa sandals which I think need no further introduction. Looking at this picture is making me want to go shoe shopping...can't wait for the fall/winter sales to start!!

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Irene said...

my favorites are the one on the left.... i like the toe part. the point is not to short not too long...