Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Barney's Private Sale - Lanvin Hero Bags

Holy shizniz...I don't check the Barney's website for three days and I find out that they added the Lanvin Hero bags to their Private sale list AND sadly has already sold out in both colors!!!!!!!! Okay I think this is a sign from the shopping god that Lanvin and I are doomed to be ill-fated lovers. Oh well...I'm not as much of a Hero fan as I am a Kansas fan but these two colors were so awesome and came at an incredibly cheap price... I guess I shouldn't really be surprised that they're both sold out :( I know I don't need another bag but we're talking cute shoulder bags made of buttery soft leather people!!! Another thing to consider, if the Hero follows in the footsteps of the Kansas, it will be re-created in a uglier version with uglier colors in the future ... NOOOOOO!!!
Lanvin, founded in 1889, is THE oldest Parisian fashion house that is still in operation today and was born out of Jeanne Lanvin's fabulous mother and daughter dress sets. Jeanne's daughter Marguerite was her muse and their relationship is symbolized by the house logo, a depiction of Lanvin and her daughter going to a ball...so THATs what the little dangling coin-like charm hanging off of the bags are!!


Irene said...

i like lavin perfume... eclat something... i forget. its purple. and it makes me smell good. HAAAAAAAAAA

Julia said...

i like these purses..