Thursday, April 1, 2010

Black, Gray, and Blue

The weather has been lame this week. It cant seem to make up its mind on whether it wants to be sunny or rainy. I snapped this picture on my way home the other day...sorta sums it all up:

The problem with this in-between weather is me not knowing how to dress for work. I hesitate on wearing dresses and even my shoes because what if it starts pouring in the middle of the day?? My outfit, shoes, and purse would all be screwed. In short, my outfits this week have been lame just like the weather...jeans and t-shirt with TB flats and a jacket. Today was my first day wearing heels all week!!!

BLACK distressed skinnies from BR, GRAY New Simples by Msr. Louboutin, and BLUE Vince sweater. The most dressed up I've been all week. Sad.

My little Olivia is so loyal. Always gets up from her nap to welcome me home. Libby on the other hand is too lazy...doesn't even bother to open her eyes to greet me :P

TGIF tomorrow!! Too bad I have to get up early for a dentist appointment :(

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