Friday, March 7, 2008

Jewelry Boxes

I have a problem. I love buying jewelry but most of them just end up collecting dust :( I desperately need a BIG jewelry box with lots of little compartments to store all my random pieces of jewelry. Ever since I met LN, about a year ago, my jewelry collection has gotten even bigger :P I can't help it...I go through LN jewelry withdrawls!! But anyways...I have yet to find a jewelry box that is capable of holding ALL my stuff. Any suggestions?! LN?! DZ?! IC?!


cheeky_deb said...

i have all my fashion jewelry out. i bought these display stands and they actually look really pretty. my real jewelry (mostly earrings) are in a small jewelry box.

Irene said...

too bad bombay went out of business, they had awesome cherry wood jewelry boxes in all sizes.

a cheap solution i def suggest is to keep your jewelry from oxidizing by finding an air tight sealed tupperware type thingy. i think places like michaels or joanns where you can find beading stuff, you'll be able to find a tuperware-like plastic box with tons of little cubbie compartments to store earrings and necklaces without getting them tangled.

maybe you can find bombay goods on ebay? pottery barn has some cute ones too! and i know jc penny has the super pimped out, stand alone, large ones

linh said...

AWWWW!!! YOu are too cute. Yes, I saw your various jewelry storage and you definitely need something that keeps dust out. i have to agree w/ Irene, Bombay had great jewelry chests. I wonder if you can check, they usually have stuff like that. And she's right... keep them in baggies or airtight containers!! =P