Thursday, March 27, 2008

Minor Slip-up

I decided to put myself on shopping probation after I unexpectedly splurged on the metallic purple reissue. Unfortunately I had a minor slip-up today...all thanks to stupid shopbop. Okay fine, I wont blame shopbop. I blame my work...if I hadn't been bored at work today, I wouldn't have gone browsing on shopbop! I couldn't decided between a Juicy Couture dress and a dress by Thread Social so I bought both! Yes, not only did I break my shopping probation, I once again went for dresses instead of separates :P

*Juicy Couture Cascading Ruffle Dress*

I'm not exactly a big fan of Juicy, actually I think I only own one other thing from Juicy, but I just couldn't resist those darn ruffles!

*Thread Social Bow Dress*

I've been wanting something from Thread Social for awhile now but never really felt like I could pull off any of their funky plaid designs. Yet, dontcha think this bow dress is so me?? The front is a bit boring but I LOVE the big bow on the back.

Okay now I'm REALLY going be on shopping until the end of May!


Irene said...

LOVE that ruffle dress....

the bow on the other dress is SO cute. it reminds me of the jacket that LC wore on the season premiere of the hills!!!!!! i love that jacket!

Purse Addict said...

Hahhaha...I was browsing blogs and one girl said LC's bow was the best thing about the premiere.