Monday, March 3, 2008

Hermes Logo Belt

Yes, its true...I finally got my butt into Hermes and walked out with something wrapped up in that pretty orange box :) I finally, Finally, FINALLY got the Hermes logo belt in black and dark brown leather with a silver logo! I've been waiting patiently for months now to purchase this belt and couldn't be happier with it. DZ and I were both surprised to discover that this belt is actually have to pick out the color combo of your choice, along with the color of the buckle. Additionally, each belt and buckle are textured differently. What could have ended up as a bad math problem worked out great for me...I picked out black(shiny, smooth) and brown (dull, textured), I figured those were the most versatile colors to have, and of course got the dull silver buckle since I already have the YSL belt in gold. This belt is sure to get a whole lotta use since I love dressing up my dresses with belts and its extra cool since I kinda got 2 belts for the price of one ;) The picture below is kinda what i got...only my brown is darker.

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Irene said...

i saw this girl wearing that with some charcoal dress at my friends house warming party... the dress was shitty but it classed up with that belt. HA!!!!!!!