Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Buy Some Get Some?

Us shopaholics see ads like these practically everyday...Neimans, Barneys, Saks, etc. love to lure you in with these so called buy some get some deals. But lets stop for a sec and explore if these promotions are actually worth your time and money. First of all, you do realize that in order to get some back, you need to buy ALOT right?? Take this ad for example...$150 for 2 pairs of shoes $400 or more. Sounds good but then again...most shoes at Saks aren't even $400 when they're on sale! Most likely, you'll be spending close to $1000 for $150. Okay so have a $150 gift card, now you gotta ask yourself, what can I buy with this $150 gift card? The most likely answer? Close to nothing. So now you gotta add a couple hundred more to your hard earned $150 just to make use of the $150 that cost you close to $1000 to earn in the first place. Still think its a good deal?? You know to be honest, this shoe deal is actually alot better than the normal buy some get some deals...usually you have a breakdown that looks something like this:

Spend $250-500, get $25
Spend $500-1000, get $50
Spend $1000-2000, get $150
Spend $2000-3000, get $300
Spend $3000+, get $450

Now just use the logic I just provided and you should be able to figure out that what you earn back is not worth all you had to give in the first place. The lesson here ladies? Dont jump at every "deal" or everything thats given to you for "free"...most of the time, you're better off waiting for the bi-annual sales!

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