Thursday, March 20, 2008

Exotic Skins

Much to PETA's dismay, exotic skins have been rapidly gaining popularity in the past few years. Calf and lamb skin are no biggies these days, not when you have ostrich, croc, python, and even stingrays running wild. Its taken me awhile to get used to the idea of exotic skin purses but its finally happened, I'm now officially a fan.

The Bird

I've always loved ostrich purses and while I still want a white ostrich Birkin for my 35th birthday (gives me about 12 years to save up...HAH), I'm not as enamored as I once was. Some people find ostrich skin on the creepy side but I personally love the texture of those little dots :) I did some research and the "little dots" are the quill follicles and can be found on only a small portion of the body; the crown. The crown is where the neck of the ostrich meets the body and is the most commercially sought after area on the body. Ostrich purses usually start around $3000. Nuti is usually a great go-to designer when it comes to ostrich since the styles are great and the prices are even better.

The Snake
The python scales actually still creep me out but I think this is DZ's favorite exotic skin. Python is banned in California but I'm sure if you're a true python lover, you wont let a few laws get in your way right?? Watch out for PETA though...currently python is a hot topic among animal activists who insist the skin is not harvested from the natural shedding by snakes. I'm still undecided when it comes to python but if you're interested, Zagliani is great for python bags and most start around $3300.

The Ray

I personally never really paid attention to stingray leather until I saw this gorgeous bag by Oscar de la Renta on the bagsnobs. The texture is what gets me. Not sure how much stingray bags usually run for but definitely something to keep an eye out for :)

Last But Definitely Not Least...CROCS!

Crocs are my new obsession. If someone offered me a choice between a ostrich and a croc purse right now, I would pick the croc without hesitation. Nancy Gonzalez is synonymous with croc products and her prices are super reasonable, especially when compared with some of the other choices out there (ie. the $11K croc Zagliani purse). BUT, if you really want to splurge...go for Lana Marks...a croc clutch from Lana Marks has been my fantasy ever since high school and I'm still determined to own one before I die!! Okay I'll stop ranting about purses that go for thousands and thousands of dollars cus its not helping my shopping probation at all...


Anonymous said...

Okay Jenny I'm gonna have to completely disagree with you on this. I soooooo oppose these exotic skin purses. Yeah yeah we all have leather and they're from cows and whatnot so why do cows have to suffer while ostriches/crocs/etc shouldn't? I dunno but it's just different in my point of view.

I guess it's more sensitive to me since I just went to Star Eco Station in Culver City last weekend ( and it was all rescue animals that were kept as pets illegally, smuggled here, etc. And of course they have a big showcase of "exotic" products that made me just wanna cry.

But hey, it's the OBEE in me too :-P

Purse Addict said...

Sorry Mommy Philline :( If it makes you feel any better...I would never buy real fur products! OH! And...I can't afford any of these exotic skins anyways :P