Monday, March 24, 2008

Hermes HAC Done Right

For the most part, Pamela Anderson is not really someone that I look up to. Her choices in men are a little bit out of whack and most of her "outfits" are really just down right hooker-gear BUT lookie what we have here! Yes, that is in fact Pamela all covered up and looking quite stylish with her Tom Fords and Hermes HAC. Now this is how one should utilize the ginormous entity known as the HAC!! Remember when I posted a picture of Katie Holmes trying to pull the HAC off as just one of her day handbags?? Didn't work so well for Katie cus the HAC really should be used as an expensive (make that very expensive...) duffel bag. It is just too big for anyone of any size to carry around as they go about their normal day to day activities. Save it for the weekend getaways and airport trips when you actually need a lot of room for your stuff!!

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