Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vintage Dior Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1959

I'm having one of those days where I have a ton of stuff to do but just feel like browsing the many fabulous fashion sites out there :)

Okay...I think the history of this dress is worth more than the actual dress. Are you ready??? This is one of the couture dresses that Yves Saint Laurent (pronounced E-San-La-Ron...although dont quote me cus I still don't have the 'La-Ron' part down and this is not even his full name...) designed for the house of Dior back in 1959 for his second couture collection!!!!!!!!!! This is just absolutely priceless and my head would be in the clouds if I was to ever get my hands on this very delicate dress. I'm scared to call and inquire about the price but this is in my size and its not yet sold!!!!!! Meant to be? I'd like to think so!!

Yves' biography is fascinating and somewhat tragic...he left home in 1953 at the age of 17 to work for Dior and eventually took over/saved the house of Dior 4 years later when Dior died. Unfortunately, YSL was forced to join the French army where he was the target of hazing which left him mentally unstable. After his nervous breakdown in the army, Yves left Dior and started the famous YSL label. He finally retired in 2002 and the house of YSL is now owned by the Gucci group (lucky-ass Salma Hayek :P). Now that you know a bit of history behind the YSL label, don't you feel more connected to the clothes, especially this dress from Yves' early years??


MeadowbelleMarket said...

I found this post nearly a year AFTER it was originally posted. I stumbled upon it while searching "Vintage Dior". This is because just recently I happened upon an (old?) Christian Dior Monsieur men's trench coat.
I love vintage but I am not sure if it is truly vintage or not--maybe someone knows a lot about Dior?
(Really LOVE the dress by the way!--yes, I do feel more connected to the piece and its history. It is beautiful.)

Purse Addict said...

Hi! If you're unsure about the authenticity of the trench coat, you should try to find a nearby reputable vintage store to help you authenticate the piece. I know theres a ton of places in LA where they could help you out but I'm not sure if you would be in the area!! Anyhow thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

I have a very old Dior hand bag. I is almost like a Cigar Box purse, very stiff brown leather, It has authenticated markings, but I have no idea of its worth or where to find out. I live in Chicago. I found the purse at a antique store stuffed on a back shelf.

Purse Addict said...

Hey there,

You could try taking the bag to Dior and see if anyone there could help authenticate the bag for you or if they could refer you to someone that could help you out. You can also try The Purse Forum where they usually have authentication threads. Good luck :D