Sunday, September 23, 2007

Burberry Rainboots

Although LA has seen a total of only 2 gloomy days so far in 2007, I still want these Burberry rainboots. I've had my eyes on these since last winter and even dreamt of them once :P And although these boots are not even on the pricey side, I still feel somewhat retarded buying rainboots in LA. But these might prove to be useful for my visits back home...although I don't remember the last time it was raining in the Bay Area either... I remember the first time I heard that JC was moving to Boston, one of the first things out of my mouth was "You're so have an excuse to buy the Burberry rainboots and earmuffs!!" Gosh I wish I had been obsessed with these back when I was still at UCLA since I remember plenty of times where my jeans got soaking wet from walking to classes in the rain. Thanks to global warming, LA hasn't really seen rain that much and thanks to graduating, I don't ever really have the need to walk around in the rain anymore. So you see, if I ever bought these boots, I would probably wear these once a year at the very max and hence this would be a stupid purchase :P I won't even bother whining about the earmuffs since they would obviously be an even more outrageously senseless purchase. BTW...JK, I remember you telling me that you wanted the Burberry headbands but that they were sold can buy them online!!


Julia said...

if u really want to stop wanting these, just think,

1. they're not Louboutins

2. they are flat

Purse Addict said...

Hahahaha...thanks for these motivating comments :P They do look a little less desirable than they did last year...