Wednesday, September 12, 2007

YSL Touche Eclat

Ever since high school, I've been on a constant search for a good concealer. I don't ever really break out or have weird colored spots on my face but I do detest the dark circles under my eyes. After years of looking, I've found my savior: the infamous YSL Touche Eclat. Who cares if I can't pronounce it and refer to it as "the YSL pen thingy"?! All I know is, I absolutely love my YSL pen thingy !!!! The Eclat comes only in 4 shades; the light number 1 (this is the one that I use), the even lighter number 2, the almost orange number 3, and the dark number 4. I was a little turned off when I learned that the pen works by you pushing the top clicker (I had a horrendous experience with the Dior liquid eyeliner and really never wanted to click anything again...) but this baby here works just fine. I usually use about two clicks every morning (be sure to hold down for about 20 seconds or so per click) and blend using a concealer brush. The trick to the Eclat is not to overblend it. Since the Eclat is so light, you won't ever get that cakey look that usually results from underblending. The first few times will take you a little longer than usual just cus you'll need to get used to the consistency of the Eclat but I almost guarantee that you'll end up loving this product which btw is YSL's top seller (one is sold every 20 seconds...I'm not joking...)!!!!

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Julia said...

one more thing to add to my list of items to get during saks friends & family event..