Sunday, September 9, 2007

Team Angelina Forever

Besides the fact that shes absolutely gorgeous, incredibly sexy, and shacks up with Brad Pitt everyday, this pictures sums up my love and admiration for Angelina. When I grow up, I seriously want to be just like her :) Of course I'll try to have my own kids first before adopting one from every third world country but when I have a baby girl, shes going to be just as stylin as Zahara!!!! This picture is just too frickin cute...matching mother and daughter Valentino Histoire bags!!!! When DZ and I were at Saks on Friday we actually saw this bag and we both cried out "Angelina's bag!!!" I personally don't care too much for this bag in particular but heck, Angelina looks hot carrying it and the baby version is adorable. Maybe Valentino can make a version for kitties and Libby can run around with it in her mouth :D DZ and I didn't try this bag on because we both were kinda indifferent towards it but this white version looks awesome against Angie's all black attire. DZ and I are both more in love with the Valentino Maison bag in metallic silver but it really is an uncomfortable bag. The patent leather handles cuts into your skin when worn on the shoulder and the handles are kinda short so the bag fits really tightly on the body. I hope Katie Holmes see this pictures of Angelina and Zahara and goes out and starts asking the designers to make mini versions of handbags for little Suri...daaaaaahh....Suri would look so cute trailing behind her mom with a mini Valentino Maison!!! If you don't know already, you will soon discover that I am absolutely obsessed with Suri Cruise...

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