Friday, September 21, 2007

YSL Logo Belt

Okay work has been absolutely insane...they shouldn't be allowed to do this to me!!! I didn't even get a chance to post anything yesterday...instead I got to stay until 6:45pm and it seems I'm only going to get busier...

The only thing that brightens my mood is the possibility of acquiring more materialistic things :) I've never been a big belt person mainly because I don't really know the correct and fashionable way to really wear one but I've always admired belts on other people. The other day, I totally vamped up my Diane von Furstenburg black chiffon babydoll dress with a random belt I found in my drawer. Now I'm convinced that I should begin investing in belts. One of my Betsy Johnson dresses comes with a red belt and I have to say, it totally makes the dress what it is. I love this YSL belt, its simple but has chic written all over it. Its available both in black and this gold color you see here. Ideally I want to stay away from always ordering things online (BTW...I just found out that I can send stuff to work so I really need to start being careful...) so perhaps I should make a little trip to Beverly Hills tomorrow :) Wait what I'm I saying?! I really shouldn't since I've basically been shopping non-stop and have two big shopping excursions with DZ coming up...but hey if I do go to BH, I'll also be able to pick out presents for Kent for our anniversary and my parents for Christmas!!! BTW...whats a good designer for men's wallets???

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Julia said...

ohhhh did u get this belt? I like D&G belts b/c they're so bling bling and gawdy, hahaha