Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Designer Cars

Since school has started for all you lucky non-working people, traffic has become worse in the mornings for hard-working people like me (hahahaha). Today as I was waiting at a red light, I watched all the cars and their drivers turning onto the 10. Without really meaning to, I began to pay special attention to what car the person was driving and how the person looked. Sounds very shallow, I know, but it was fun! And to sound even more shallow and materialistic, the car the person was driving really made up a big part of how I imagined the person to be. Since I don't want to come off as a complete snob/bitch, I'll save the details for myself :P However, my concluding ah-ha statement is simply: The car you drive, whether you like it or not, will influence the way others judge you. Additionally, the car will also either enhance your image or take away from it. Of course you're good friends will know better than to judge you from the car you drive but I'm talking about strangers here. And yes, there are some very tricky people out there who spend their money on luxury cars just for the sake of looking good in front of others but at night drive home to a run down house. But that's another story...I'm digressing...I almost feel like I've lost my point in the midst of my rambling and I also realized a lot of the things I say may end up offending someone :P I'll just end this quick...Louboutins definitely look better coming out from certain cars than from others and I desire to one day drive a hot Aston Martin around with my ostrich birkin in the passenger seat :)

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Julia said...

Yup, the car you drive is another way to express yourself but sometimes you just never know! Cheap car driver may own a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood and I've seen luxury car parked in rundown places.

I love your new Louboutins!!!