Sunday, December 13, 2009

Updated Pics, An Exciting New Addition, And Some More Editing

As promised, here are some updated pictures:

10C red Maxi:

I've been wearing this for about a week now and I love it a little bit more each time.

Blue Acid Python LC:

I can't make up my mind about the color on these. Sometimes I look at them and I see why some people thought they were too close to black but other times I see the blue and then still other times, I see purple.

Lanvin Pumps:

God, these are so amazing. So, so, SO amazing.

And the latest addition to my CL addiction:

Gray Python Nabuck Decollete:

I had held off on getting the Altadama version for months but last week I got weak and started calling the boutiques. The Altadamas are sold out everywhere but I was able to locate the decollete version from Horatio :) The color is a true blue-gray and the sueded texture is almost like the softness you get from watersnake. I have to admit, when I first got them I thought "Crap, these are just like my Lanvin pythons..." I'm happy to report that while close, these two are still different enough for me to justify the purchase:

The Lanvin is more of a true gray, right?? Right. I'm also not exactly sure on the treatment of the Lanvin python. Is definitely not sueded but it's also got that watersnake softness going on.

On a much less exciting note, I'm sad to report that the Chloe wedges are also going back. After awhile, they weren't as comfy as I originally thought and I feel like I can find cuter wedges if I just practice some patience. For new readers, I promise I'm not the type to buy a lot only to return a lot after a few days. I hardly ever make returns but this season, the guilt factor has been eating me alive. I feel a bit more at ease and I think my editing has all been well justified :) The jury is still out on the rouge Rolandos...on one hand, the Rolando is one of my favorites styles. On the other, I realize it is unnecessary to have two closed-toe pumps in the same exactly color. BUT then again, they're so pretty on :( ACK - I'll give it another week or so before I put my foot down once and for all.

Finally, on a completely random note, I spent I dont even know how many hours last night wiping down every single pair of shoes in my upstairs closet and seized the opportunity to take a picture of my pretty Lanvin shoe boxes:


Thavasa said...

Wow~these pictures are all eye-candy indeed!! really enjoy the photos of your new dilicious addition! The blue python LC look stunning! From the pictures they look certainly blue with beautiful glitters!

Purse Addict said...

Thank you!! Yah...the blue acid is truly a special "color"...if you can even call it that :P

Irene said...

although the chloe's are cute, i definitely agree, you probably can find cuter shoes...

i commend your self control~ and you cleaned all your shoes!!! :D

Purse Addict said...

HAHAH...thank you, thank you!! I am very proud of myself too. All the editing has made me feel a lot better abt my shopping during this past month :P

Dania Padron said...

Your Lanvin pumps are stunning. Your shoe collection is truly enviable.

Purse Addict said...

^^Yea, I think the Lanvin pumps are probably my favorite (from this sale season)