Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Refreshing, Definitely Refreshing

Now THIS I like. Simple, muted elegance. No big logos, no fake fur popping out of the edges, no sequins on top. Just a simple bag with a simple closure and chain. Though it might be on the big side for shoulder bags, I'm hoping its sorta like the Jumbo Chanels. I may be slightly brainwashed by Chanel but I feel like the thin metal chain gives this bag a sort of vintage feel. Why couldn't Fendi have done more Baguettes like this instead of opting for those logo embossed Baguettes?! I like this so much I almost want to run out to the nearest Fendi and try it on. Wow...its been awhile since I felt like this about any Fendi bags. Anyhow, if the real thing is as good as the picture, this bag should be soft and roomy. A perfectly classic day-bag to add to your collection :)

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