Wednesday, July 2, 2008

YSL Negative, New Clothes Affirmative

So this morning Rue La La had a great YSL sale. The colors and styles available were great. You had the Muse in Large or Oversize in red, black, and white. You had the Downtown Large and Tall in black, blue, aqua, metallic silver, and metallic gold. You had the Tribute in magenta, gold, and violet. You had the Uptown in black. You had the Rive Gauche in black and white. There was a couple more styles and colors but those were my personal favorites. I was debating between the blue Downtown (Large) and the white Muse (Large) but apparently I was too slow at decision-making because both were bought before I could even get DZ or IC on the phone :( I've learned my lesson yet again...ALWAYS buy before you think! HAHA...kiiiiiiding. No but seriously, since Rue La La has a good return policy, it might not be a bad idea to just go for it next time. So anyways, yes I am a bit sad/disappointed/bitter at how the sale turned out but I did some retail therapy at Revolve and bought me a new dress and sweater :)

Whitley Isabel dress in deep sapphire. I know it seems like I'm addicted to purple but to be honest, I really dont own that much purple! I just like to talk about it alot :D

Ella Moss Patridge silk cashmere sweater in electric blue. Ever since I bought my C&C cashmere sweater, I've been convinced that cashmere sweaters are one of THE most versatile items one can own. I've worn my C&C sweater so much, I've had to have it mended twice already so I think its about time I bring in a replacement :P

Both items worked out to be under $100 and so not only did I find great deals today, I feel somewhat better about the whole YSL fiasco.

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