Thursday, July 24, 2008

Me and My YSL Shopping List

The whole process of being addicted to shopping is actually quite complicated. Each year is divided up into the various seasons. Each season is precluded by the runway shows which gives you a chance to take note of what to watch out for or which items to ask your SA to put aside for you. Then you wait patiently for the season to actually begin (3+ months). Usually this is signaled by catalogs filling up your mailboxes or word of mouth (TPF). When the goods actually arrive in stores, you have to get yourself to the store, hope they still have it in your size (and that you can afford it), and finally skip home happily with your purchase.

Earlier this year, I had made a mental note about which items I liked from the YSL FW08 collection and today I came home to find their catalog waiting for me :) Lookie what I found...the pumps that I've been dreaming about are HERE!!! YAYAYAYAYAY :D

YSL Escarpin pumps (105mm) in black patent leather. Comes with either a gold or turqoise sole. Now I just have to get myself to the store, hope they have it in size 6.5, take out my handy dandy CC, and skip happily back to my apt :D

I also couldn't help but to notice the new grey Muse and now I'm sorta in love. Another thing about being addicted to shopping...expect the unexpected splurges :P

(Sorry for the crappy picture)


Irene said...

dang. that heel looks impossible.

Purse Addict said...

I'm hoping the platform will do the trick ;)