Monday, July 5, 2010

Closet Space

I think I might be taking this whole summer vacation thing a bit too far.  The past two weeks have been a lazy blur - only red wine and The Sopranos come to mind.  Thankfully I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow so I'll be forced out of hibernation and who knows, I might even come back with something new for my closet.  Speaking of my closet, I finally got around to taking pictures for you guys :) Nothing fancy and the pics aren't all that great but I think you get the idea:

Closet #1: Dresses

Closet #2: Separates

Closet #3: Outerwear and shoes

Looking in from the left side:

Looking in from the right side:

Have a good week and I'll cya when I get back :)

PS: Click here for updated shoe collection.


Ines said...

Darling- enjoy your holiday!

Your closet space is amazing and I love it!

Hugs, Ines

Black is the New Black said...

! shoe induced coma !

Anonymous said...

your closet is so organized! and all those shoes!!

Purse Addict said...

Ines - Thank you :)

Black is the New Black - hahahaha, what I really need is shoe closet with lots of shelf space!!

Anonymous - Thanks!