Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer of Shoes

Acutally, hopefully not cus I'm abt to hit the triple digit mark and I'm starting to realize that my shoe habit is perhaps...unhealthy??  Or not.  Ack, we'll worry abt this when I actually hit 100.  Anyhow...

I didn't get out of jet lag hell until last Friday so I've been busy trying to catch up with my life.  Emails, blogs, forums, etc, etc.  I've also had to put my life on hold because of Dexter.  Damn him and his charming habit of slicing people up into bits and pieces!  You'll be happy to know my brother and I finally finished season four today so my life is officially back on track.  What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a post dedicated to the newest additions to my ever-growing CL family?

I hinted towards a purchase while I was in HK and its finally time to reveal what the HK CL boutique had to offer me and my collection: Talco python Bananas in "Tabacco":

I guess I was living under a rock cus I wasn't even aware that the Talco Tabacco was part of CL Resort 2010.  Anyhow, CLs are waaaaaay over priced in China.  During my first day in Beijing, my cousin and I went to Lane Crawford and all the CLs were a good $200-300 more than what you would find in the States.  I wasnt expecting much when I got to HK but the boutique had me trying on quite a few pairs and I ended up walking out with these purty babies.  The Talco treatment is almost identical to the Nabuck fact, I really cant even tell the difference between the two.  The Tabacco color suggests brown but these are more like a light gray with brown undertones. 

The infamous Banana toe box.  These have the ability to scare off most included.  CL is already known for toe cleavage so that tiny strap going over your toes isn't all that reassuring but honestly, you hardly notice when you actually have them on your feet. 

Heres a quick comparison pic between the Ardoise Nabuck python and the Tabacco Talco python.  Notice how both have a sueded texture.  Notice how the Ardoise is like a blue-gray and the Tabacco is like a light gray.  Actually, looking at the pics of these two side by side, I can sorta see the difference now between nabuck and talco.

A VERY special pair...better later (try over a year) than never: Cate Trash:

Cate came out in early 2009 and I really wasn't a fan.  Collage of seemingly random pieces for $1000?  No thanks.  Fast forward to early 2010 and I have a small crush on Cate.  Too bad they've been sold out for  a chance of ever finding them.  Well, unless you happen to be me :)  TN and I were oogling at the F/W 2010 buy book at SCP back in late April when she spotted a pair of CTs just lying around on the floor.  After making sure they weren't actually somebody's shoes, I grabbed them and just my luck, they were a size 36.  Turns out the absolute last two pairs in the entire company had been transferred to could I not get them??  I bought them, took pictures, and then exchanged them for the Madame Butterfly booties.  It was a sad day but at the time, I only had eyes for booty.  Pun intended.  I made sure my SA knew that I was still interested in the shoes and would be back for them...better yet, can she try to see if they can be put on sale for me??  So what if the CTs were never officially on the CL sale list?  What are they going to do with the last two pairs?  Give them to sample sales?  Actually yes, thats what happens most of the time but my wonderful SA managed to get approval to sell the CTs to me for 40% off.  I seriously love my shopping gods.  Alright, enough chatter, here are the shoes from the right (each side of each shoe is one of a kind...probably why they were able to mark these up to $995...):

The left:

And the front:

I didn't even know I had scored the Cate Trash on sale until after I got back from Beijing.  Of course, when I went to go pick them up, I just "had" to try on a few of the new styles that had arrived earlier that week and Alambra: 

140mm espadrilles?  Yes, please!! These are my one and only pair of espadrilles...the fact that they're 140mm makes total sense.  So me.  Gawd, I love Msr. Louboutin.

Dont they look more like leather wedges instead of espadrilles?  Why weren't these out when I was packing for my trip to China?! 

PS: I still have to make up my mind abt two more pairs that I scored during the sales so stay tuned cus there might be another shoe post coming in the very near future.  And the most unbelievable of them is a non-CL.  I know, I amaze me too.  Hah, lets just hope I actually decide to keep it.


Sanaa said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gourgeous!!!! You have wonderful taste as always. Sanaa

Cherlee said...

how on gods earth do you afford this habit. congrats on a mean shoe game! i wish i still cant splurge on a pair as much as id want too!

SoCalFashionista said...

OMG Love the Talco Python Bananas!!!! So happy you scored the Cate Trash on sale! and wow I love the Alhambra! Never seen those, maybe that's a good thig lol

Ines said...


my heart is beating, when I see your shoes :-)
I just bought my first Louboutins- I am in heaven!
But I am melting away, when I see your army of shoes :-)

Enjoy it- I can understand you-

a big hug- Ines

Purse Addict said...

Thank you, Sanaa!

Cherlee - thank you! Paycheck, savings, bday gifts, xmas gifts, etc all contribute to my shoes :)

A - lol, the Alambra are at SCP..just in case you're interested ;)

Ines - Congrats on your first CLs and trust me, they will not be your last :D

holly in heels said...

Oh my goodness, I think I'm ooooozing with jealousy over your Loubie collection! All of them are gorgeous--especially the Talco Python Bananas.
P.S. enter the fun giveaway on my site right now!

Michelle said...

I love that you bargained at the CL boutique!

lilmissb said...

Congrats on getting the CT on SALE!!! *faint* The wedges are totally you I agree :) I can't wait to see what else you got....

Purse Addict said...

Thank you Holly!

Hey Michelle! Hahaha, I figured it was worth a shot esp cus the boutique sale was right around the corner ;)

Hi T! I'll hopefully have a decision soon...I've been going back and forth on them for almost a month now :P

lilflobowl said...


Daša said...

Love your shoes <3
I love reading your blog, if you have a chance you can check out my blog and if you want follow as well: :)

Her said...

am curious. how much did you get the CL CTs for? thanks

tormentedsugar said...

OMG I LOVE the "ARTSY" HEELS..Sorry not yelling..i promise..i sooo want my art on heels someday!!!! it would be sooooo cute!