Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Vacation: Month 1, Part 3

I'm not the biggest foodie and this blog has certainly never focused on what I eat for bfast, lunch, and dinner but hell, I went to Napa just to eat so might as well dedicate this post to what I ate.  Part 3: French Laundry.

En Route: 

(Flew to SF and then drove to Napa with IC the day before so we could have at least 24 hours to explore Napa and surrounding areas before French Laundry.)


(IC insisted I take a picture with the vines to prove that I was actually in Napa.  Looking at this pic, I think I'm blocking the better part of the vines behind me...)

(Better pictures of the vines!!)

Bouchon Bakery:

(I'm not big on macarons but these were seriously the best I've ever had.  TN - these are even better than the ones we had at

French Laundry:

(Thomas Keller's garden for French Laundry is directly across the street from the restaurant.  I'm pretty sure we saw him gardening but we were too shy to walk up to him for pictures.)

(The infamous blue door.)

(Salmon tartar ice cream cone and brioche.)

(Oysters and "pearls".)

(Cured medai belly.)

(White asparagus salad.)

(Foie gras.)

(Pacific suzuki.)

(Calotte de bouef grillee or the best tasting piece of meat I have ever had the pleasure of consuming...this picture is almost insulting.)

(Lamb rib-eye.)

("Peas and Carrots" is the name but its all about the lobster.  This lobster is serious business and who knew lobster went so well with carrot puree?!)

(Rabbit presse.)

(Comte - this was the one plate I didn't devour.  Not cus it wasn't good but because I knew I needed room for desert!)

(Apricot sorbet.  [Me: Is it good?  IC: It taste like cold apricot.  Me: Oh my god, it really does taste exactly like a really cold, really fresh apricot!!!.]  I know it might not sound like anything special but ask yourself, do you think you can take a fruit, take it apart, turn it into sorbet, and have it come out tasting exactly like how it would had you eaten it fresh???)

(White chocolate sorbet.  I could eat this all day, every day.)

(Blueberry sponge cake with buttermilk sorbet.  Okay, the one thing I hated from this entire meal was the buttermilk sorbet.)

(Citrus tart.)

(Totally forgot what this was...some kind of wafer??  Sorry, Mr. Keller, I am not worthy...)


(Chocolate covered macadamia nuts.)

(Take home gifts - shortbread cookies, a copy of the menu, and our left over truffles and macadamia nuts. Oh!!  Almost forgot, also got to take our napkin clips home with us.)

Thomas Keller, I get it, you're a genius.  Thanks for the amazing three and a half hours.  I'll be back.


Irene said...

i think those triangle crisps had violet petals in them

Purse Addict said...

lol, I totally dont remember anything abt them...

Michelle said...

Glad to hear that you've been having a good time, and such luck with shoes! I've only been once, but I love the French Laundry. Too bad it's such a pain in the a$$ to get a reservation ... because there's no really better time than eating for hours! Must be the Asian upbringing ...

Ines said...

Wonderful pictures! I thought- how can such a little person eat so many plates ;-))
I hope, it ´s ok, that I added you to my blog!
Hugs, Ines

lilmissb said...

*drool* !!! The food is AMAZING!

Purse Addict said...

Hi Michelle! My friend was actually able to get reservations pretty easily but I think her friend who tried only a few days after has yet to secure a spot!

Ines - Hahaha, they space out all the courses so that helps! Thanks for the add :)

T!! Hey, we should go if you ever come to Cali!!!!

Black is the New Black said...

ahh bouchon, et all look amazing!! what a lovely trip, can't wait to see more posts about your summer adventures!

tormentedsugar said...

ok its official..ive stumbled upon the best blog shoes..scenic views and food! Im still learning how to use this..cant figure out how to follow you :(
Love the pix of napa super pretty!