Monday, August 23, 2010

School, Wedding, School

Despite previously promising more frequent posting, orientation, moving, first week of classes, and IC's (I guess IW would be more appropriate now!) wedding took up the bulk of my time, energy, and focus.  My move-in day somehow got mixed up with first day of orientation and then my first week of law school concluded with me rushing off to SF for the wedding so yah, I'm pretty pooped.  The new apt is beautiful, even if I still haven't found the time to take advantage of our various amenities and oh yea, I'm missing just about my entire shoe collection :(  I tried to pick only my "sensible" pairs for school but at this point, I've pretty much decided that my next visit home will consist of me dragging over as many pairs of shoes as I possibly can.  If you recall the pic of my shoe closet at home, you can probably understand my pain when you see my current "shoe closet":

I realized early on that it would be extremely easy to fall into the habit of and trudging along to class in my sweats and flip-flops so I'm making a conscious effort to keep up appearances for the sake of my sanity and because yoga pants are not good for the waistline.  I'll try to remember not to change into my pjs as soon as I get out of class but for now, I only have today's outfit pic to share:

Dress from H&M and Gucci flats.

Enough about me, lets talk about IW's incredible wedding.  For anyone looking for a venue in the Bay Area, check out Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton.  A M A Z I N G.  And you get to oogle and drool over ginormous mansions while enjoying the ceremony :)  Besides the gorgeous venue, the food was delicious, excellent music, HOT pastor, sensitive husband (DW started crying the minute IW started her walk down the isle..HAHA), and of course, seeing IW in her dress was priceless.  Just looking at these pics makes me a little emotional and I miss all my Bay Area friends already :(

(I dont know why but I feel like I dont look like myself in any of the pictures...if you're having the same problem, I'm the third one from the left..)

(Our dresses were grey with purple sashes and we were asked to wear our favorite silver shoes.  My choice: anthracite glitter NPs by Msr. CL)

(OH YEA, I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET!!!!!  And yes, I danced with it the entire night while screaming "I'M GETTING MARRIED NEXT" at the top of my lungs.  LOL, good times.  The guy next to me caught the garter but he didn't have to fight nearly as hard as I had to for my bouquet.)

If you dont believe all my gushing, this picture is proof that I and D's wedding was one of the best in wedding history...who else had a Stormtrooper at their reception?!?!


cheeky_deb said...

yay, you blogged!! and boo for me not picking up my watch :( i saw some more wedding pics on FB...i had a hard time looking for you in the group pics too :p

Irene said...

yay! glad u had fun!!!!!

Purse Addict said...


Celeste Bee said...

A StormTropper?

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of the Louboutin glitter and LOVE IT....

Je suis Sophie said...

O M G (first reaction about these amazing shoes!)
No seriously, I'm glad I found your blog, since you've got all those damn nice shoes and bags I can't afford :D I would die for a pair of those heels!

x Je suis Sophie