Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remember Me??

Holy blog fail, Batman!!  I think I tried to make up for the past 3.5 years of 8+ hours spent in front of my work computer gchatting, emailing, surfing forums and blogs, watching youtube videos, etc. by avoiding my laptop like the plague.  But no worries, the crazy cat girl with the unhealthy shoe habit is back and hopefully will never go AWOL for such an extended period of time again :)

During my hiatus, I actually wrote down a whole list of topics to blog about but what better way to get back into the blogging spirit than with a post on new shoes?!?!!  

Clou Noeud:

I H A T E D these shoes when SCP first got them in for the F/W 2010 collection - 150mm, studs, bows, WTF?!!?  However, these are one of those must-try-on type of me.  Most people have been rocking the Clou Noeuds with dresses but these are also ahhhhhmazing with skinny jeans (the pic I posted is horrible but I was too lazy to change jeans).  Libby didn't care for the Clou Noeuds but was a big fan of the shoe box:

Gucci flats:

Got these for 75% off during the Nordstroms summer sensible and comfortable, perfect for school :)   Libby also tried to get into the shoe box for the flats but it didn't go so well...

(LOL, you can see Olivia in the background of this picture, watching Libby during her struggle with the box two sizes too small for her booty...)

Chantilly Lace Fifi

These shoes make me want to get married or at the very least, go to a wedding!!

Update shoe post, click here.

PS:  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who continued to leave me comments and follow my blog despite the recent shortage of updates!  I promise to respond ASAP to all your comments and of course, read, comment, and follow your lovely blogs :)



Loove your studded louboutins :D

They look awesome!


Renée T. Bouchard said...

Those studded CL's are crazy fierce. I actually like the fact that they have studs and bows. It's kind of ironic or something. And the orange Gucci's are to die for. Love them.

SoCalFashionista said...

amazing as always! love the fifis so much!

Sabina said...

LOVE the loubotins !!!
I wanna let you know about my newest blog feature, please read about it and let me know what you think! Thank you so much! <3

erin said...

the clou noeuds look STUNNING on you. and GAH! those fifis. i die! totally gorgeous. fabulous haul and great to see you posting again :)

Bombchell said...

OMG love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael St. James said...

Welcome back! Those Clou Noeuds are breathtaking.

Michelle said...

The Clou Noeuds are kick-a$$!! I didn't dare try them on when I saw them in-store because I knew I would want them. I agree with Renee that it something about the bows plus the studs! Ugh ... now maybe I need to go back for them :( .... Love the lace shoes too, I just got a pair of lace peep-toe Manolo d'Orsays on super-sale. I wish Louboutin would have more d'Orsay styles because I have a hard time wearing slingbacks.

Ines said...

Hi, Sweetie-
I love those second shoes with the tender lace on it...
It looks really wonderful. Romantic- weddinglike- I agree :-)
Your kitties are wonderful- I got three cats, too and two sweet doggies- maybe you wanna take a look to my blog.

Dear- what do you think, as an expert- I got a few pages from China, who sell Louboutins very cheap- should I buy them? Are they worth it?
Thank you for your oppinion.

A big hug, sweet little girl-


peggy said...


Kim said...

You should have a "lend me" feature
where we get to borrow your shoes!
I have dibs on the "Clou Noeud"!

Kim said...

You should have a "lend me" feature where we can borrow your shoes...and while we are at it, purses too!
I have dibs on the "Clou Noeud"!