Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Year of Blog Fail

Oh the irony.  Apparently the last time I had time for this blog was at the beginning of my first spring semester as a law student and I was facing a dire future in the land of unemployment.  Then I got creative.  The top US law firms only extend internship positions to the top of the top of the top US law schools.  If I'm not top of the top of the top, how do I get into this fabled land of $20K yearly bonuses, $160K starting salaries, chic briefcases, and Chanel power suits?  By putting my networking skills into full force.  Long story short, my cousin sent my resume to some of the law firms that she works with and as it turns out, they happen to be the top law firms in the world.  Before I knew it, I was setting up an interview with SA (since I realized I would love to one day work full-time for this firm, I thought it would be best to stick with initials...) and now I'm slated to start my summer internship with them on May 16th.  I also found out that the company that I used to work with is actually a client of SA.  I guess it was truly meant to be.

Anyhoo, my blog has all but gone down the drain.  Thank you if you still check this blog from time to time.  Since August of 2010, instead of Christian Louboutin, CL has come to mean "common law".  Instead of picking my favorite styles of the season, I've been busy trying to figure out who my favorite Supreme Court Justice of all time is (FYI: Scalia closely trailed by Cardozo).  Rather than following the drama on tPF, I spend my time trying to figure out who scored the A+* on the midterm.  And instead of LMAO with DZ on gchat, I get a kick out of civ pro jokes at 8am.  Oh the exciting life that I lead.  Heres a quick look back:

Me and my gay boyfriend with Mr.Mike Posner at his Redbull after party:


(If I look drunk, its cus I was.  That was me after 7-8 drinks.  And the worst part...this picture actually made it onto some magazine...fml)

Casino Night:








Now with only torts in between me and Sidley, instead of memorizing the duty owed to entrants on land, I've been occupied with the much more exciting task of organizing my BRAND, SPANKIN' NEW SHOE CLOSET :)  Welcome to the love of my life (second to Libby and Olivia of course..):

Full view:

Pure love.  I look in every morning and just sigh.  This was meant to house my shoes and purses.  As you can see, my army of shoes won the battle.  For now, my purses have hijacked my mom's closet BUT they might get their very own space before the end of summer :)

View from bottom-left:

View from left-middle:

View from left-top:

View from right-bottom:

View from right-middle:

View from right-top:

Missing: my flats and YSL Jeanne Pumps.

I'm not gonna take close-ups of each row since you can find everything under my shoe collection post but here are my new lovelies:

Royal Blue Watersnake Biancas:




(Msr Louboutin had many styles available this S/S season in watersnake.  So much so that there was actually a watersnake shortage!)

Leopard Ponyhair Madame Butterfly Pumps:




(pony hair actually = calf hair)

And now for something that bears a close resemblance to the wood carvings on the antique screens my parents have around the house...



Beige Pampas Pumps:




A little pricey for non-exotics but seriously...look at the laser-cut detail on these babies!!!!!!!

Updated shoe collection, click here.

Updated bag collection, click here.

PS:  Dedicated to ND.  I'm sorry I've been such a crappy friend.  I love you.


Bombchell said...

I'm glad the job is going great for you. I'm bout to move and join the hustle, I have my dream job that I'm trying to score an internship with, I hope it all works out by July/October.

Mike Posner looks so cute, lol @ FML.

OMG!!!!!! @ your closet. nice new shoes.

Bombchell said...

ps: wish the closet pic was a little enlarged, or could click to see the enlarged.

Purse Addict said...

^^yea, MP was surprisingly charming in person :)

I just re-did the closet pics for you...bc of the way the closet is set up, it was impossible to take a good close-up pic so yah, this was the best I could do.

James Michael White said...

Congrats on the fab summer internship! Naturally, I'm more excited about your shoe closet... absolutely stunning btw. And I'm blown away by the CL Beige Pampas Pumps. They may actually be my favorite shoes in your extensive collection.

cheeky_deb said...

JJ!!! I'm gonna miss you like I miss our gchat sessions!! Have fun in HK!! LAH YOU!!

Beautygirl24 said...

Congrats on the internship! I'm sure you will have a wonderful Summer. What a huge accomplishment!
And...of course, you have the best shoe collection I've ever seen =)

Renée T. Bouchard said...

The last pair is absolutely stunning. Good luck with the internship! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your internship! I was wondering where you bought/had your shoe closet installed? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

your shoe closet looks like a lil CL boutique - fabulous!

congrats on that internship - go make that lawyer money honey!

DAKOTA said...

You'd love it here in France. There's so many beautiful shoe boutiques.


cacah said...

well! all the best.
i started to imagine you getting busy like Jane in the Drop Dead Diva. In a good way, of course...

sugarkanke said...

so nice ! ! !
love it.
check out my blog*

xoxo sugarkanke,

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes closet and love all the new finds. If I have a closet full of Loubis like that, my FI would tell me to sell them Loubis and pay off our house:).

sanaa London said...

Please post something, miss you and hope you have met your Mr. Right now!. Sanaa xx

Anonymous said...

come baaaaaaaack

Neelima said...

P.S. I love you!