Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shoe Addict?

I think I might be confusing some of my readers. I know the title of my blog is Purse Addict but I also know many, many of my posts are about shoes. Its cus I want it ALL!!! My real love will always be purses but sometimes its just cheaper to occupy myself with shoes cus it boils down to $800 vs $3000. Anyhow, I'm on a shopping ban anyways so theres absolutely nothing I can buy until further notice :P BUT I still found some new shoes to lust after. I WANT these YSL platform sandals!!!! They're sorta like the new Tribute sandals. Chances are I wont end up getting these cus at $795, I'd rather get the Louboutin Alti pumps ($825) but that doesn't mean these aren't fun to look at. They also come in the usual array of fun colors from YSL so if you like them just as much as me and are not on a shopping ban, go gettem before they sell out!!!


jennie said...

i cant walk in heels at all anymore..*sigh*

hana said... i accidentally stumbled across this site when i googled my two favorites-ysl shoes and chanel flap bags. i put this in my favorites folder 'cause i love the way you talk about your love of fashion and shopping-totally honest. i myself, am a hoarder, so i'll buy something i love, then store it away. haha go figure. p.s. if you ever have any hand-me-down chanel bags, i'd be interested in purchasing them. :)

Purse Addict said...

Jennie...that sucks!! Is it Boston?? guys should move back to California so you can wear heels again!

Hana: Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog cus I love writing on my blog ;)

jennie said...

haha yeah it's probably more the.. i don't have a car and i'm forced to walk everywhere moreso than boston itself... but i guess one doesn't exist without the other.. i love your shoes! but just looking at the pictures make me imagine the pain!! hehe

Lucy said...

love your blog, its in my favourites!

you have so many beautiful bags, i want them all!!

Purse Addict said...

Thanks Lucy!!