Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its About Time You Guys Learned A Bit More About Purse Addict

About Me

Age: 24

Occupation: Professional shopper…for MYSELF!

Favorite color: Purple, blue, silver, black.

Favorite snack/food: I wish my answer to this question was carrot sticks but sadly, I LOVE Cheetos – regular and flamin’. My favorite restaurant is Sushi Zo in West LA.

Shoe size: 36.5-37 (and if need be, I’ll pad my way to a 37.5)

Clothing size: 4

(Now that you guys know my shoe and clothing size - please remember to keep an eye out when you're shopping!)

Favorite scent: Ralph Lauren Romance – I’ve been wearing this since 1999.

Favorite makeup brand: Mac – eye shadow, lip gloss, Dior – mascara, lip gloss , YSL – concealer/highlighter. I’m kinda infamous for wearing black eyeliner. A lot of people ask me what brand I use and most are surprised when I say “The cheapest one I can find at Walgreens”. I’ve used “expensive” eyeliners before and they just don’t go on as black and don’t stay on as long. L’Oreal has been keeping my eyes lined for the past few years and I probably won’t be changing anytime soon.

Favorite skincare brand: I only speak Shiseido.

Favorite TV shows/movies: I’m kinda wishy-washy about TV shows but my current faves are True Blood , Hung, America’s Best Dance Crew, The Office (I love Jim!) and The Amazing Race (haven’t kept up with past few seasons though…). I have too many favorite movies but I will never grow tired of Dumb and Dumber, Clueless, Hocus Pocus, Shawshank Redemption, Home Alone, and Bridget Jones’ Diary. Yes, I am really into the classics.

Favorite magazines/books: Magazine – Harper’s Bazaar. Books – Kite Runner, A Prayer for Owen Meany, and Harry Potter (although I can’t really remember any of them, I just know I loved them when I was reading them…).

Hobbies: Shopping (duh), reading, writing, napping, and eating. HAHA…lame, I know.

Dream vacation spot: Maldives (I’m not a big beach person but how can one say no to Maldives??).

Personal style: I’m very dressy. I’m usually always in a dress with heels. When I’m in jeans, I’m usually always wearing heels with a dressy top or a black tee and cardigan. My clothes aren’t provocative but they’re not conservative either.

Kids: Do cats count?

Pets: LIBBY AND OLIVIA!!!! If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a crazy cat lady who loves her cats to death. The only reason why I don’t have more cats is cus I would still like to get a date at some point in my life…

What do you dislike: Indecisive men, copycats, people who fish for compliments, people who are cheap, liars, backstabbers, weirdos, coconuts, people who can’t drive, traffic, hypocrites, stalkers, people who don’t give others a chance, people who try too hard, and self-righteousness.

What do you like: The smell of winter, chubby kids, the feeling I get when I find that one hard to find item, the feeling I get when I find a good deal, a nice drink after a long day, having my friends over, the way my cats look at me, after-dinner chit-chat with my dad, boy-talk with my mom, watching movies with my brother, and people watching.

This or That?
• Something Sweet or Something Savory? I’m a salty kind of girl.
• Full-Price Fancy or Dog-Eat-Dog Sale? I’m pretty good at shoving people out of my way during sales but I def go full-price when I feel like it’s a must-have that will either sell out or won’t go on sale.
• Gym Girl or Jog Chick? I plead the fifth.
• Vacation or Staycation? Staycation – I don’t like living out of a suitcase and I usually end up missing my closet…unless I’m busy shopping for new additions to my closet!
• Saver or Spender? Hrm, which do you think??
• Eat Out or Take Out? Eat out but sometimes theres nothing better than having take out at home in your sweats, with glass of wine, and a good movie.
• Hostess or Guest? Hostess.
• OCD or CBB (can't be bothered)? OCD – I’m organized almost to a fault.
• Five Star Suite or Tent-tastic? Five star suite…I’m really not an outdoors kind of girl…
• Good Girl or Bad Girl? Somewhere in between.

• Mac or PC? PC.
• Rulemaker or Rulebreaker? Rulemaker.
• Beach Getaway or City Splurge? City splurge.
• Sparkles & Glitz or Animal Print? Sparkles and glitz although I’m slowly warming up to animal print.
• CLs Everywhere or Destination Only? EVERYWHERE!
• Night at the Ballet or After-hours Jam? Ballet first then jam :)

• Winter Wonderland or Summer Paradise? Winter wonderland.
• Rock or R&B? I listen to everything.
• A Night at Home or Out on The Town? I think a good mix is the best way to go.
• SUV or Coupe? Coupe.
• Action or Romance? Romance.
• Song or Dance? I wish I could do both but I cant sing to save my life so dance.

10 Random Facts:

1. I’m 5’2 but if you ask most people how tall I am they will say 5’6. Its cus I’m ALWAYS in heels.

2. I’m scared of heights but it’s a goal of mine to go sky-diving sometime in the near future.

3. I have a weakness for white boys.

4. I believe everyone needs a good cry every so often.

5. I get annoyed easily.

6. I’m so competitive, I hate competing.

7. I’m fascinated with the life and death of Anne Boleyn – possibly one of the bitchiest people to have ever walked the Earth but she was also a total bad-ass.

8. I was in the second grade when I had my first crush on a boy, Billy ‘twas his name!

9. If you haven’t noticed, my grammar is terrible.

10. My shopping problem started when I was in the 8th grade

Note: Most of the questions were taken from TPF.


MadsaboutU said...

shopping problem in 8th grade? holy molly. LOL.
How do you wear 4" heels everyday without killing your feet? just curious.

Purse Addict said...

LOL...I mean, it wasn't as bad as it is today (THANK GOD) but that was when I started getting into putting on makeup and picking out nice outfits for myself.

Yea, I get the heels question a lot...iono, I guess when you do it everyday, its no big deal? I can also walk really fast in heels too...just as DZ!

jane said...

"The smell of winter." ure so romantic! :)

Purse Addict said... i? you know what i mean though right??

jane said...

kind of? i think my sense of smell is not as strong as others. it's hard for me to distinguish like some ppl can. i'll pay attention with my nostrils when nov approaches HAHA

litlstrawberry said...

Great to know you more...purrrrr! :)

litlstrawberry said...

oh, so can I call you Jenny? Is that a hint?

Purse Addict said...

jane: lol, its kinda like a burnt woody smell...

litlstrawberry: hahaha, yup, you can call me jenny :)

cheeky_deb said...

HAHAHA, I was gonna say that the questions look mighty familiar...