Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Long Overdue Shoe Post

I've been holding out on you guys for weeks now. I realized I had one too many posts about shoes and so I thought I would leave some time in between my shoe posts. Seeing that I wasn't even 100% successful, I dont think theres any reason to wait any longer. About 2 weeks ago, I literally drove up and down LA county for the sake of new Louboutins.

1. Acquired during my lunch hour (Thanks DZ and T!): Black Pigalle 120 Paillettes:

Sequins are like a more expensive alternative to glitter. The Paillettes are pretty hard to come by (BUT SCP currently has the Paillette Decolletes!) so I consider myself VERY lucky. I love how sparkly these are on and Pigalle 120s are some darn sexy shoes. The only problem...these are more painful than my Alti 160s. Yea, I didin't even think that was possible but it is. I've been practicing wearing these around the house but I have yet to gather enough courage to actually wear them out. Perhaps one day I'll drink myself silly and then go out in them :) Until then, these will sit in my closet and look pretty. I have also decided that the next time Msr. Louboutin does a signing in CA, I will get these babies signed. After they are signed, I wont feel as bad for not wearing them.

PS: I know this may sound crazy but even though I know Pigalle 120s are absolute feet killers, I still would love the Pigalle 120 Silver Paillete :P

2. Very complicated process/story of acquisition: Green Watersnake Altadama 140:

So remember when I got the nude Ron Rons?? While I was waiting to purchase them, DZ tried on the green watersnake Altadamas and I nearly cried. I tried my best not to love them too much cus the price tag wasn't so cute and walked bravely away with my Ron Rons. For the next week, I was plagued with the memory of the Altadamas. Finally, I realized it wasn't worth it to save money on Ron Rons that didn't really excite me. I decided to return the Ron Rons and put in more money for the Altadamas. The WONDERFUL people at SCP let me do the exchange even though I was already over the 10-day period. There was a catch, SCP only had the gray version. I bought the gray version, prayed all night to the Shopping Gods that BH would still have the green, and sweated bullets until BH opened the next morning. As luck would have it, BH was out of the 37 but still had a 36.5. I weaved through LA traffic for an hour just to get my ass to BH but IT WAS SO WORTH IT. These are by far my most favorite Louboutins. They've also inspired me to get more Altadamas and more watersnake :)


litlstrawberry said...

hey, Jenny: there you just killed my w/ your fab. heels. How come you always can find those exotic/gorgeous heels of CL?!! Hum..maybe I should check out tpf more...then again, my kids will be left all alone while I am busy searching/chatting on line...haha..nay,...I think I will just droll over your CL heels, that's good to me. :)

The green watersnake heels is fabulous....I mean, WOW!!!

Purse Addict said...

Thank you!! TPF is a really good place to find out what is in stock at each boutique, which styles each boutique is expecting, the coming attractions, etc. The green watersnakes had been posted on TPF but I didnt pay any attention until I saw my friend try them I want another pair :)