Monday, May 11, 2009

Forget The Belt and The Bracelet, I Want The Clutch!!!

I'm a little Hermes-crazed these days. Unfortunate since I dont have a bank account to match my obsession. Anyhow, a few days ago, I blogged about how I wanted the Collier belt and bracelet. This past weekend I was at Hermes and I'm now officially over the belt and bracelet cus its all about the Medor clutch!!!!!!!! If I had this clutch (in silver hardware) with the fuschia New Galaxy Loubs, I would literally do cartwheels down the block. If anyone wants to get me both and make me eat my words...GO RIGHT AHEAD :) I know this clutch was around $3800 back in 2007 but I'm not sure how much it is now...anyone know?? My guess would be close to $5000. I should probably start with a wallet then work up to this clutch and then finally to a birkin. Sounds like a great plan, yeah? Yeah.


florence said...

hi! do you know that Médor in french is the classic name for dogs? I think its funny that Hermès gave that name to accessories ^^

Purse Addict said...

Hmmm...maybe because the design of hardware is reminiscent of dog collars?? Hahaha...just my guess :P

florence said...

yes I think so, but it's still odd.. naming such an expensive product with such a non-classy name! its like naming your diamond ring Spike or something! ^^