Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Shoe Addiction

I'm sure you've all noticed that this year, I've been going a tad bit overboard with the shoes. Although my love for purses is still alive and kicking, I'm now officially a shoe addict as well. People often come up to me and ask "How many pairs of shoes do you own?? Probably 100 huh?" The truth is, I dont know. I'm pretty sure its not in the 100s but I might be getting close. My shoe addiction needs to simmer down. I'm not going to kid myself by saying that I must stop buying shoes. We all know that will never happen. However, I need to calm down. I miss the days of buying pretty dresses and researching for my next purse. I've let this shoe addiction take over my life and bank account. I need to find a balance between shoes, purses, dresses, and everything else in between. My goal is to cut down to one pair per month after the sales. If I can stick to this plan, I'll have more money to buy clothes and I can start preparing for my future birkin by investing in "small" Hermes items every two months or so :)


litlstrawberry said...

Good to hear that. I am sure if you are determined to "save" and kick off buying shoes, you will have your Birkin soon!!

florence said...

hey! i'm a french reader and i really like your blog! you are so funny and i can often see myself in your stories! haha!
i wanted to ask you a question that is not related to this post: i bough a louis vuitton handbag (the speedy 40!!! :):) so happy!) and I would like to know if the leather will oxidise soon because it looks a bit "new" to me, I dont know if you get my point?? I saw in older posts that you own at least one Vuitton, so maybe you can help me?

Heather said...

I dream often of owning a birkin as well.... and I have the same mentality of the savings plan but I always just get caught up in something else. If there's not a list for it (I'm not really familiar) I want to start with a Kelly wallet.

Purse Addict said...

Thanks litlstrawberry! I REALLY hope I can be good abt the shoes after the sales cus its getting out of control :P

Hi Florence :) First of all, congrats on your new LV! The handles of LV canvas bags will always darken with wear but that darkening is often coveted by LV fans. Here is a link I found online:

Hey Heather! Yea, esp with TPF, its WAY too easy to get caught up in other things :P A Kelly wallet would be a GREAT start...lemme know when you get it!!

florence said...

thank you! the site is very precise! :)