Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Shopping List...Try Not To Laugh...

Whenever I have a long laundry list of important things to do, I tend to preoccupy myself with ridiculous activities like obsessively updating/editing my shopping list. I thought I'd share what I've been hard at work over:

Part I: The Realistic Shopping List:

A. CL Biancas in rouge patent:

The Biancas look chunky in pictures but are seriously GORGEOUS in real life. Since my Alti 160s are close to impossible to walk in, these would be a great replacement for sky-high Louboutin pumps. Note: The Miss Clichy are also a great alternative to the Alti pumps but I find them to be almost too similar.

B. Chanel Maxi:

I've already blogged about this but I thought I'd still include it in this post. I'm patiently waiting for the Fall 09 colors to trickle into stores...I want either blue or red :)

C. Clothes:

I've been buying so many shoes lately, I've neglected the rest of my closet. I should focus on buying more casual dresses, tops, and maybe some skinny jeans. A nice leather jacket wouldn't hurt either.

D. A Chanel wallet:

My BV wallet is fine but I just feel like I need a Chanel wallet to complete my collection.

E. A new belt:

I can't stop thinking about Fergies LV belt...

Part II: Indulging In My Shoe Habit Shopping List:

A. CL Feticha and/or Lady Lynch in black and/or gray patent:

I have many, many pairs of pumps so I dont really need another pair but Louboutin is a genius...every season, he slightly changes classic styles and gives them alluring new names or he offers classic styles in mouth-watering new colors. The end result? Suckers like me lusting after every "new" piece that comes out. If these two styles dont work, I might revert back to Decolletes or Rolandos...lets just say I really want black and gray patent pumps.

B. CL Decocolico:

If these come in anthracite, rouge, or peacock patent leather, I'll immediately move them up to the "Realistic Shopping List".

C. CL Alta Iowa in black patent:

What can I say? I love patent leather and I love MJs!

D. CL VPs in anthracite patent, nude with burgundy tip, and acid blue python:

All three color choices will probably be hard to find (I think the anthracite patent might be a Europe-only thing...) but theres no harm in listing them out :)

E. CL Lady Lynch wedges in black patent leather:

Ultra-high wedges in patent leather? Yea, kinda hot...

F. CL Mamanouck:

These are SO me!!! Buuuuut I'll probably wait for the sales.

G. CL Tashaf in blue patent:

A bit funky for my tastes but the color is stunning and Rhianna had the black ones on and they were pretty sweet. Then again, its Rhianna.

H. Gucci Pixies in purple suede with zipper detail:

These are just begging to be tried on...

Part III: If Only I Lived In Paris List:

A. CL Ron Rons and So Private in ostrich (I think the color is called denim??):

CL SCP has the So Privates in nude and black ostrich but those are nothing compared to these beauties :(

Part IV: I Really Shouldn't Get These List:

A. CL Lace Hyper Prives:

The price tag is a bit much and I'm not sure how clean I would be able to keep these but I tried them on a few weeks ago and they are amazing. The lace Ron Rons are tempting too :P

B. CL Anthracite Glitter VPs:

I already have the glitter NPs so I dont really need the glitter VPs but they're so pretty :(

C. CL Anthracite Goa So Privates:

I think these would be too similar to my glitter NPs but I love the crackled metallic look.

D. CL Lilac Suede Ron Rons:

I have the lilac suede NPs and I have two pairs of Ron Rons...yea, I REALLY dont need these buut they would fit in perfectly with my collection!

Okay, thats all I've got for now. I realize my list ends up being more like a CL catalog but just keep in mind that my priorities are with the items listed in Part I!

Note: Boutique CL pics from TPF :)


diamondsinchampagne said...

I have been lusting after the LV belt too, did a whole post dedicated to it. Def. worth saving for

cheeky_deb said...

wow, that's a long-ass

litlstrawberry said...

yap, the list is too long...that's not good!!
I am just kidding!!
Now you made me want a list of yours too!! hahahahaha....

Purse Addict said...

Heh...I thought, if I'm going to be making a list, I might as well write down EVERYTHING and so I did :)