Friday, July 24, 2009

The Whimsical Side of Chloe

If I was to pick one word to describe Chloe, "sturdy" would be it. From the leather to the hardware to the designs...everything has always veered towards the sturdy side. Think of all the Chloe boots that saturate the shoe department every F/W season or the heavy ass lock on the Paddington - all very sturdy. Perhaps this is why I fell in love with the Sally when it first came out. Finally something from Chloe that had a bit of femininity to it. Then today, I came across the F/W 09 runway shoes pictured above. Totally doesn't fit in with my closet but its so whimsical it makes me want to sigh just looking at it. The little pom-pom ball in the front might be a bit much but I think it would actually translate well with a pair of jeans and the ruffles in the back will add some charm to your look when paired with a nice dress.

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litlstrawberry said...

oh, My .... I love that baby blue Sally too. Oh, yes, I agree, that pom pom heels is so little girl....almost like fantasy heels for every woman!! :)