Sunday, January 10, 2010

In Defense Of The S70...

I woke up this morning determined that today would be the day when I finally take pictures of my bags and shoes buuuuuuuut then I got distracted by my S70 :) I bought the Nikon Coolpix S70 (we're Nikon loyalists - my first digital camera was the Coolpix S1) in November but was a bit frustrated/disappointed at the picture quality so its just been sitting quietly inside my desk drawer...until today. I thought I would give it another try while its big brother (the D60) was charging and I'm happy to say that the picture quality is actually pretty good. I just did a quick search online and this camera got awful reviews. I can sorta understand because my first few attempts came out horrible as well. The key is to avoid the Auto and the Easy Auto modes like the plague while becoming best friends with the Scene Effect adjuster. In any case, I ended up spending my afternoon taking random pictures around the house. So instead of a shoes and purse collection post, heres what I have instead (pictures taken with D60 and S70):

As you may have noticed from my previous post, I'm extremely OCD/anal when it comes to organization. I spent my Saturday morning organizing my costume jewelry:

Of course we all have those pieces that we know we'll never use but just dont have the heart to throw away. My solution: use them to accent existing pieces of decor...

In the midst of organizing my jewelry, I came across a few of my mom's old necklaces which lead me to her new dresser which has the top shelves made for her jewelry collection (talk about one BIG jewelry box...). I didn't take pictures of everything but my favorite three:

Dior fine jewelry (circa mid-90s??):

I'm not sure who designed these but I think I want the ring...

And finally, this little guy. I'm not sure if he's a deer with Dumbo-esque ears or a zodiac Rat but I thought he's kinda cute:

(^^Update: my mom was just in my room and she told me this is a zodiac Rat since I was born in the Year of the Rat)

My Saturday afternoon was spent organizing some of my miscellaneous collections:

Notebooks, planners, etc:

Jelly pens:

Birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc:

And my beloved Sailormoon memorabilia (I haven't seen this stuff since 2002!!!):

I think I was in the seventh grade when I went absolutely CRAZY for Sailormoon. I bought everything/anything that was related to Sailormoon :) I had to organize this bag a few times before I finally got everything to fit.

Finally, my Saturday night was spent organizing CDs, DVDs, and videos games:

This by far took the longest cus I actually went through the trouble of alphabetizing everything. My parents kept on popping in to offer me help and probably to check if I was still alive...LOL! Some of our CDs are a bit embarrassing but some are true treasures - "Ultimate Dance Party 1997" anyone??

See...the pictures aren't so bad, right?? Right. All of the pictures in this post were either taken with the S70 or the D60 and I feel like they're comparable in quality. Heres some more random pictures:

My brother's drum set:

I would like to add that my parents tried to torture my brother with the piano as well but he managed to get away...well, my piano teacher eventually refused to continue lessons with him because he was misbehaving so much. He moved onto drums which I think he enjoyed a lot more but then things got weird when his teacher kept on asking for advances on his paycheck...

Kung Fu Panda:

At least I'm pretty sure thats him. Anyways, the expression on this thing cracks me up ^.^

My brother's penguin lighter:

My brother doesn't smoke but he somehow got into collecting lighters. I didn't have time to sort through everything but this penguin lighter is by far my favorite one. The head is the lighter and the body is an ash tray.

Jar of pigs:

I'm not really sure when/how we came to own this set of pigs but I love random things like this.

I found this really ornate pen in one of our boxes and I'm not really sure where to put it...

I have Sailormoon, my brother has lighters, and my mom has tons of tea sets and tea pots. Here are some of her tea pots:

My dad collects stamps but I'm not sure where those are stashed so I just took a picture of his marble chess set:

I'm actually a bit nervous about having this out in the open...I can kinda see Libby and Olivia knocking some of these pieces down...

And finally, I collect cat memorabilia in honor of Libby and Olivia :

(^^I realize Pochacco is a dog but I didn't have anywhere else to put him!)

In short, I flaked on the collections post yet again but maybe next week??!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for replying me the other time.
Are you located in the States? Could you kindly tell me how much does a 2.55 black w gold hardware in caviar jumbo cost in the Chanel store there? Or where else can we find it online? I'm in Singapore and the store does not have what I want. Thanks heaps!


Purse Addict said...

Hi there - the new price for a jumbo Classic flap in caviar is $2995 (before tax). The new prices for 2.55 flaps are as follows (all before tax):

255 (small) = 2850
226 (med) = 3250
227 (large) = 3600

I think most places that carry Chanel will ship internationally so it might be worth it to call around but just keep in mind that 2.55 is different from the Classic flaps...from what it sounds like, I think you want the Classic flap not the 2.55. Hope this helps!

cheeky_deb said...

awww my cat presents!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for quick reply.
Yes i think the one i want is the classic flap (the one with CC logo right?) Not the turn lock kind.

Thanks much again!


Purse Addict said...

deb: yup!! thanks so much for addressing my cat obsession :) truth be told, I realized last night when I was looking at the pictures that 90% of the stuff in their bathroom were gifts from people..LOL

Sz: no problem!! good luck and let me know what you end up with :)

litlstrawberry said...

Seriously, you are still a kiddo!! You know, I think I never enter a phase that I recalled I collect CUTE stuff.... I guess that's because I don't think I was categorized to be a "CUTE" -- literally kind of girl in my life. :) Must be the height!! hahaha.... Your stuff is just so cute and somehow I wish my girls will collect something like your stuff this adorable!!1 :P

Immashoesaddict said...

J!! you and i have alot more common than i thought..those gel pens ..sailormoons ..i could blab on and on ;) but i love your new place and your kitteh room oh gosh.btw i wanted to ask you do those CL Love pumps run TTS ? I have my eye on them for valentine pressie from dbf lol .oh if you dont mind i used your Love pumps pictures in my recent post and ofcourse credited to you ;)


Purse Addict said...

LOL, Rachel!!! Yea, you know when I was taking pictures and writing this post, I thought abt how people might think I was only 15 or something :P

Hi Imma :) Thank you!! Its always good to find a fellow collectaholic - reassures me that perhaps I'm not completely nuts! Yes, the Love Strass are TTS and since they are suede, you might even be able to take them 1 half size down (if your size isn't available)...I hope you get them!!! So pretty IRL :)

lilmissb said...

How cute are all the collectables? Love the cat (and dog) stuff plus the teapots and penguin lighter! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's got a thing for organising her DVD's, games & CD's.

Purse Addict said...

LOL, I just like organizing in general..hahah, how lame!

amping said...

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Purse Addict said...

^^Thank you!!