Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Christmas In April

Between Monday and today, I've received four packages in the mail. The mail guy at work is ready to kill me. Heh :) I really should stop ordering stuff online but its just too easy!! Especially when you sit in front of a computer for 40 hours a week (bleh). Anyhow, sharing my newest purchases:

Taking advantage of Saks F&F:

Adding some patent to my Louboutin collection:

Ron Rons in dark purple or burgundy...I can't decide what it is...I should probably go look it up on the CL library...whatever the case, YAY FOR COLORED PATENT LEATHER LOUBS!!!!

Adding some booties to my Louboutin collection:

CL Trotinettes. I blogged about these when they first came out (I tried to link the post but I'm having a hard time finding it...) and now they're mine, all mine!!

*Note: The box at the very bottom is the new Zagliani purse I blogged/gushed about on Monday.

**I think people at work are beginning to label me as "the shoe girl"...if only they could see my :P Speaking of my closet, its reached its capacity. Its a tiny walk-in closet that no longer has any floor space for me to walk into because its filled with boxes of shoes and purses. Good thing I'm moving new closet is more than twice as big...look for a massive moving post around the beginning of May!


Heather said...

LOVING those Loubs. I love patent, it looks good with everything. I didn't know cosmetics were part of the Saks F&F sale, I should have looked!

Purse Addict said...

YEA!!! Its 15% not 20% but cosmetics are never on sale so its better than nothing.

Jade Creusa said...

I can't wait to see your closet! Really!
Dev'essere semplicemente favoloso!!!
(transation: It must be simply fabulous)

I'm not allowed to receive shipped items to work... It's a pity...
And also my closet (even if it's not a "walk-in" closet) is going to explode. My fiancee always says "it's time for you to stop buying things".
As it could be possible... ;-)

Purse Addict said...

Hahaha...its REALLY messy and cluttered. You guys might laugh at the "before" pictures but hopefully the "after" pictures will be a big improvement.

jane said...

i always thought creme de la mer was overrated. is that for anti-wrinkle near the eye? i haven't tried that one.

but kudos if it is for anti-wrinkle! my mom beats that into my brain every day.

Purse Addict said...

I've never tried creme de la mer but the eye concentrate is for anti-wrinkles, anti-puffiness, and anti-dark :P