Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ostrich, Check! Python, Check! Croc, Missing.

Okay, I have my next splurge purse. Since I already have ostrich and python purses, I clearly need some croc :) The problem is the steep price tag. Its ridiculous how many $30,000 and up croc purses there are. $7,000 is the norm and anything below that is a good deal. Croc is legal in California for only a few more months. By 2010, it will be banned just like its friend python (please dont take ostrich away from me...). This means I should look into getting one before the ban or face going through the trouble of getting another outlawed bag into my closet. So far, seems like I'll go with a Nancy Gonzalez purse since hers are reasonably priced...as in under $5000.


litlstrawberry said...

So, for exotic skin bag, I have none. The only thing exotic I had is an ostrich belt from Hermes. Maybe it's just not to the point which I think I need one. But sure they are all TDF.

So are you going to get the one you posted here??

Purse Addict said...

Out of the purses I've seen from Nancy Gonzalez, this is my favorite but its not a sure thing yet :P I'll definitely let you guys know if I do end up getting anything :D