Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Bought 10 Pairs Of Shoes In The Past Month And Yet I Still Want More(???!)

I overdid it with the shopping this past month. I think I broke my record of 11 pairs of shoes in one sale season by buying 10 pairs of shoes in one month. When I get packages at work now, most people just shake their heads. Well they dont have to shake much longer (I'm waiting on my last 2 packages) cus I'm practicing self-control. Buuuuuuut...if I hadn't splurged and indulged so much, I would definitely consider these:

These Gucci platforms are sorta like the new Trib Toos. I love me some high platforms but the ankle straps take the cake when it comes to these killer heels.
These Louboutin booties are so eye-catching and definitely fashion-forward. I would probably get them in black patent but I dont really have $1200 to spend on shoes so I'll just blog and dream about them...

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