Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Wonder How It Feels...

A few days ago DZ showed me a diamond ring from Tiffany's worth $6million. This led into a conversation about how it feels to have a mansion on your finger. Throw in the $100,000 croc with diamond hard wear Birkin and you'll have a SWEET car dangling from your arms. To top it off, put on some nice shoes and you'll be walking on a few months rent. All this leads to the does it feel to be bouncing around with thousands to millions of dollars on you??? I can't even begin to imagine but if you can afford it, more power to you.

*Note: People like to make it their business how others spend money. Just because a person shops a lot or spends a lot of money on one thing, doesn't mean they're completely oblivious to the "real world". For all you know, they donate just as much to charity or put in hours upon hours of volunteer work. How they choose to spend the money is up to them and them alone because the money is theirs to spend. A lot of people think they're being down to earth when they criticize others for shopping a lot. No, not really. You're just being self-righteous. Of course, if you make your money illegally or you spend more than what you have, thats another story reserved for another rant :)


Heather said...

Bring on the exotic diamond encrusted Birkins!! The mall near me just opened a near Hermes.

Ugh I had a co-worker that talked "her two cents on my finances" behind my back, something she knows nothing about to other people we worked with. I never called her out on it and I sure wanted to but figured it wasn't worth it. She was most likely just drinking the hatorade.

Purse Addict said...

Yea...for some reason, co-workers ALWAYS think its in their right to judge how you shop. I've had a few of those already...yuck!

Jade Creusa said...

Maybe you will not believe me, but some weeks ago I was on Tiffany website looking for some rings and I saw the 6million$ ring you're talking about.
I've always thought that some things are a true "investment" for the future: jewelry over all.

About people and their "2 cents", I have a funny story.
I had this friend who always had something to say about my Guccis or my Chanel makeup, to make an example. Always.
From "what a waste of money" to "you're just paying the name, not the quality" and so on.
Well, I suppose it was just envy, since she could not afford those items.
Now guess what happened for her last Bday?
All her friend (10 people) gifted her with a Gucci moneykeeper.
Now, just now, having a Gucci item is a wonderful (and perfectly right) thing.
What a poor (in the soul) person...

People tend to mock what they want but can't have.
It's the old story of the fox and the grape.

Purse Addict said...

Hi Jade! Yea, my dad has the same thought on jewelry and is always telling me to start collecting jewelry but I haven't been able to give up shoes and bags yet :P

How is your "friend" now that she has her own Gucci?? I totally agree...people try to make themselves feel better by putting others down and so if they can't afford something then they try to make you seem like the idiot for being able to spend the money. As always, the best way to deal with these types...ignore them and know that you're spending your money on what you want and you dont need anyone to approve what you love :)

Jade Creusa said...

I do agree!
Well, it's not very difficult for me to ignore those kind of people, my self-esteem is so high that it goes close to arrogance (well... sometimes I've been really arrogant). But! There's a line that can't be surpassed and she surpassed it too many times.

Every time she (and her sister) told me something about doubleC makeup (the only one I use) I always tried not to say "I work (even when I was a student) and so I don't have to wait for my aunt to beg me her disbanded maquillage".
^_^ (how bad am I??)