Tuesday, October 20, 2009


RP messaged me yesterday just to remind me that I haven't posted shoe pics since last Wednesday. First of all, good to know I have male fans (LOL). Second of all, I'm lame, I know :P The good news: if I stay on schedule, I will be free by next month. The bad news: in order to ensure that I'm free by the first week of November, these next few days will be very, very hectic. This translates into no time for taking pictures or blogging. However here are some quick updates:

- Since my last shoe post (I believe it was the green watersnake Altadamas and black Pigalles), I've added 8 (+1 on order) more shoes to my collection. That comes out to be about 4 pairs a month.

- Since freaking out about Chanel Cruise 2010, I've managed to put down a deposit to secure a red caviar maxi and begged 4 different SAs to call me as soon as the blue caviar comes in - its incredible how desperate I am to give out my cc info these days. I'm probably going to call more places just to make sure I'm on as many lists as possible. I've also been debating whether or not I should just take a chance with the blue lambskin. Pros: I can guarantee I will get it if I put down a deposit and the color is suppose to be even more amazing in lambskin. Cons: Chanel lambskin is infamous for scratching even before you get to use it and its much harder to clean.

- One more month before the start of sale season!! I must try my very best to be good until then.

- I wore my black Pigalles to work today:

Hurt like a bitch. Also a bit big so I padded them up as soon as I got home. Probably wont be wearing these very often. Shame cus they're so pretty. I tried on the 100s over the weekend and they were incredibly comfortable. Stupid 120s.


Imma's Little Closet said...

2 bottles of wine and extreme padding ..you'll be fine LOL i have 2 of the 120's and probably be adding 120 anemone to my collection soon ..yes they hurt like a bitch

Purse Addict said...


I just ordered the LLs so I have another painful shoe coming my way :P

Anonymous said...

Very nice collection of CL you have there!

Pigalle Passions

Purse Addict said...

^^thank you!! Wish the Pigalles got along better with my feet though!!