Sunday, October 25, 2009

Plenty Of Reasons Why I Should Refrain From Shopping For The Next 30 Days

I must try my very best to be on my best behavior for the next 30 days. Not necessarily a ban but more like thinking ahead. For one, sale season will be in full swing 30 days from today. If I can conserve now, I can let loose then. Although I plan on not spending money for the next 30 days, I already have 4 purchases lined up for December. Again, another reason to conserve now. I can think of a couple other reasons but you get the idea. So in honor of 30 days sans new shoes, here is a long overdue post in honor my most recent purchases:

1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE CL, LOOOOOOOOOOVE my shoes, LOOOOOOOOOVE CL Love Strass pumps in black suede:

Its really hard to capture the wow factor of these shoes with a camera. These are gasp out loud shoes. Well, at least I gasped when they arrived at my front door. I need more strass in my life...I need a money tree, I need CL to bring the prince of strass down by about $1000.

2. Business out front, party in the back. Rock and Republic Nika pumps in fuchsia suede:

I was a bit late to the game. When everyone else was going gaga over CL Mad Marys, I wasn't so into them. Now that they're just about extinct, I had to go and try on DZ's Mad Marys and fall in love. Its extremely hard to find a pair on ebay that are unworn and when you do, they'll cost you no less than $900 (probably more since used pairs even sell for $900...). I dont know if I like them that much. In any case, Red Carpet Fashion Awards did a piece on the Nika pumps a few weeks ago and of course I had to get myself a pair. These shoes are fierce by their own right and they cost a couple hundred dollars less than the Mad Marys. I didn't even know R&R made shoes! They seem to be getting pretty darn popular too.

3. Maggie, oh're finally mine!!! CL Maggie pumps in lavender and navy suede:

You know when you see a pair of shoes and you think "I MUST HAVE THOSE!!!" and then you look at the price tag and you think "Okay, maybe not" but then you go through weeks of torture obsessing over the shoes until you finally break down and hand over the cash just so you can get a good nights rest?? Yea, thats what happened when I met Maggie. I dont regret spending the money though. Not at all. Just the thought of her in my closet makes me smile :)

4. I am now a proud owner of the famous Alaia shoe box thanks to these gorgeous lizard and suede Alaia pumps:

Between you and me, I actually like the Lanvin boxes way better than the Alaia ones. Very intricate but also a hassle to open and close. These shoes though are amazing.

5. CL multicolor glitter NPs:

The Knights Templar have their Holy Grail and we CL addicts have ours. For almost every CL fanatic, either the Mad Mary or multicolor NPs or both will be on your list of Holy Grail CLs. Holy Grail because they are no longer made, extremely hard to find, and you are willing to pay an obscene amount of money for if you're ever so lucky to find a pair. These, my friends, are my Ultimate Holy Grail CLs. I owe DZ a huge THANK YOU for picking these up for me. Love them. Absolutely love them. So does everyone else. I've only worn these once and I can't even tell you how many compliments I received that day.

6. CL metallic grey Ron Rons:

I think I may actually like grey more than black. It goes with everything that black goes with but it pops way more. I had been searching high and low for grey patent Rolandos but these do the job just fine. Out of all the shoes in this post, these have been worn the most.

7. CL tan Wall St. MJs:

I think of my friend HS when I look at these shoes. Simply adorable.

8. CL Miss Fred:

I dont know why but these just scream HOLIDAY SEASON to me. Too bad its 80 degrees in So Cal. These would be perfect Bay Area shoes. I need to make time to visit, I miss Union Square during the holidays and I miss my friends...its been way too long :(

I spent a small fortune on these shoes but honestly, these might be some of the best I own.


Imma's Little Closet said...

ROFL , you got the MC NP being apart of everyone's UHG list right!!! i have the gold one and seriously i think i went from " crazy" to " Must submit self to mental institution and send self bankrupt" for those shoes LOL and yes i get lots of compliment from them too .

Purse Addict said...

so worth it, right??!?

Imma's Little Closet said...


Im thingking very hard about those maggies , lost a bid for turqioise anemone this morn . but i heard the maggies isnt the most comfy shoes :(

Purse Addict said...

I haven't worn my Maggies yet but they dont seem too bad...the platform is thick so very similar to the Biancas and ADs. Also, I know a lot of ppl have been advising to go TTS but I actually sized way down. My usual CL is 37, this season I'm 36.5 for most, and a 36 in Maggie and Bianca.

Imma's Little Closet said...

wow!! thanks for the advice :D at this moment im seriously thingking about being a bad ass and just go for the samira strass LOL dear boyfriend will probably pack up and run as fast as he can LOL he thinks im nuts as is already

litlstrawberry said...

OMG, Jenny: You are totally restricted from walking in any shops or browsing on internet.. haha... JK.

I am so envy you. Those heels are g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!!!!! I would trade my kids w/ those heels w/ you. hahahah.. OK, kidding again.

I am not sure either your feet will be so happy/suffer or your bank account will suffer. haha...

Purse Addict said...

LOL...thanks Rachel :)

Michael St. James said...

WOW...lucky you! Those Rock & Republic shoes are so cool. Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!

Purse Addict said...

Thank you, Michael! I've been really busy these past few months but I should have more time by next week to start taking more pics :)

Irene said...

you made this shoe binge COUNT!

solid pieces to your collection!~

Through My Eyes said...

*drooling* as usual...haha, BUT, i did notice the trevi fountain as the backdrop in ur pics!! hahahahha, glad i finally gave you a peice of rome (a whole year later) lol

Purse Addict said...

Hahhaha...thank you, Irene :) We need to do more research for your wedding shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL...Linh, the whole time when i was taking the pics i was thinking "Linh is going to be so proud!"

Lilee said...

LOL LOL LOL! haha omg the pink studded pumps are hotttt!!!!

Purse Addict said...

Hi Lilee :) I haven't worn the Rock and Republic pumps yet but they're a whole lotta shoe!

Anonymous said...

I love the Nikas. Could you please upload a picture showing the nikas from the right or left side (outsides not in) thank you. I got the black ones of ebay and just want to know if I got the real one sor not.