Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Lie, Damnit

Okay, I'm a big fat liar. It didn't take a week for me to fall in love with another pair of shoes. It took about 20 mins. Damnit. I never noticed these Gucci oxfords until tonight. Saks has them but in a weird red color combo. Probably why I didn't pay attention earlier. Anyhow, the all black version is um, calling to me. Much like every other thing in this world. Sigh. My SCP list is getting long...

1. Chanel
2. Bal
3. Return pants at BR
4. H&M for a quick look :)
5. Gucci
6. Use all my will power and skip CL
7. A little YSL wouldn't hurt...


Anonymous said...

Hi purse addict,
Do you have a good tailor to recc in west la??? Thank you.

Purse Addict said...

Hi there,

I used to always just go to my local dry cleaners :P I would recommend doing some research on

good luck!