Friday, October 2, 2009

I Cry

Sad, sad tears because I dont have $5000 to spare on this B E A U T I F U L Valentino 360 in Black Paillettes:

I dont care so much for the bow but God, this bag is painful for me to look at. Painful in a good way. Why $5000 for a bag made of sequins?? Time is money, so imagine how long it must've taken for each piece to be sewed on individually. Yes, still very expensive but you cannot deny the quality and craftsmanship. Unfortunately, no matter how much I get this bag and its hefty price tag, $5000 would be better saved for a Birkin or jewelry.


Michael St. James said...

Opps...I meant to post the "ew" on the skunk Fendi Peekeaboo...please disregard the "ew" on this gorgeous Valentino bag! I think it's breathtaking!

Purse Addict said... worries Michael :)