Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bottega Fall 09 Shoes = I WANT THEM ALL

I currently have 7 Loubs and 1 Chanel purse on my wish list. That adds up to a lot of money but today at Bottega, I decided that their entire Fall 09 shoe collection needs to be in my closet. Some are already in stores and online:

I need to reorganize my list and come up with a game-plan on how I'm going to acquire all of the pretty things on my wish list :)


litlstrawberry said...

hoho..I was staring at first and 3rd pair and thinking aren't they the same..?? Then finally I realized the ankle booties and is a bit different. OH...I think I want the first pair too. Is it burgundy ..? If you ever have chance to try them on, please tell me how does the size fit!! Thanks. :)

Purse Addict said...

Hahaha...yea, the last pic is more of a boot than a booty but they have the same motif. I was VERY tempted to try all the shoes on but I didn't want to go home with any more shoes so I had to suck it in and just walk out quietly :(