Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gucci Fall 09 = YSL of Yesteryears??

Saks has Gucci Fall 09 up and although recent seasons have been laughable, I'm an optimist at heart and always hope that THIS season, will be THE season for Gucci (and Fendi). The bags are blah...nothing too horrendous but nothing new. The shoes are usually a lot better and this season, its no different. However, I did notice that Gucci seems to be borrowing heavily from past YSL styles.

When I first spotted these triple platforms, I immediately thought "I MUST have these" but then I realized these sorta like a funked-up version of the YSL Trib Twos...

YSL Trib Two:

They even have a Y motif...

Sure, its not fair to say that every ultra-high pump is a copy of the Trib Twos but what about these?

A few seasons ago, YSL had a couple of styles with exaggerated platforms that jutted out from the sides. Compare my YSL Jeanne pumps:

With the Gucci Killin (love the name) pumps:

Right??! Right.

Anyhow, inspired by YSL or not, I'm liking the Gucci Fall 09 shoes...esp these peep-toe booties (aka the Kills):


Madame Dior said...

! I've been gushing over the Gucci peep toe booties! My friends don't understand my obsession with them unfortunately but i tihnk they are amazzzing!

Purse Addict said...

They're totally amazing!!! I was looking at the prices for the new fall collection and Gucci seems to have dropped their prices a bit on the new stuff so thats another plus :)