Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Next Purse Will Be...

Lately I've been going so crazy with the shoes that I've neglected my purse collection. I've gone back and forth and changed my mind many times on which purse to get next. I went through a Valentino phase (died out quick), then I went on a "I should save for a Birkin" phase (I dont think I have the self-control or patience to save $10K right now...think of all the shoes I would have to give up!!), then I decided it should be another metallic Reissue but bc of sizing issues, I decided to go for another classic flap instead. For the past 2 weeks, I was set on the navy blue but today I changed my mind, AGAIN. I tried on the blue and it just didn't pop out at me so my SA suggested the red. Heaven. The only problem...the current red is "old" (by Chanel standards, that means its been out for a month) and the new red will be a darker, wine red. That meant I had to either get that baby today or pray to the shopping Gods that something even better will be out next season. Since I was already cheating my shopping ban with the card holder, I decided it was best not to push it. The silver lining? I know exactly which purse to get next! The Chanel Maxi:

Slightly larger than the jumbo and will come in a variety of colors in lambskin and caviar leather. I tried on the silver lambskin and wanted to cry. My SA is going to call me when they get the complete list of colors...right on time since my shopping ban should be lifted around then :)

PS: Chanel no longer does wait-lists. Big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! They will only take your name down if you're willing to get charged as soon as the bag comes. My SA said they had way too many customers who were putting their names down and not buying when the bags came. That means more research is needed!!! Most Chanels sell out before they even hit stores so make sure you know exactly what is coming out and immediately start making phone calls!!


Leslie said...

AHHH Lucky! You can never go wrong with a chanel! :D

Purse Addict said...

Yea, esp Chanel flaps...ALWAYS classic :) I'm anxiously waiting for my SA to call me...I'm hoping the Maxi will have some bright colors in caviar leather!